Petite Fashion Challenge #15: Chic Pin-spiration

This month’s challenge, hosted by Long Live Classy, is as follows:

Chic Pin-spiration– Find a pic of an outfit you love on Pinterest, and re-create it the best way possible!
Be sure to post the pic of your outfit inspiration in your post as well!

My Chi Pin-spiration…

[Image source:]

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Petite Fashion Challenge #13: Professional Outfit for Under $100

This month’s Petite Fashion Challenge, hosted by Really Petite, is a theme right up my alley!  A professional outfit for under $100, which is my daily outfit!

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Lace and Pearls – Just for Valentine’s Day

If I had a date, this is what I would have worn.

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One carry-on, 4 days in Manhattan

For any who have traveled with me, they know that I don’t understand the definition of “packing light”.  I pack spare of everything, for “just in case” and “what if” scenarios.  I bring all electronics and appliances too, hair dryer, hair straightener, laptop, ipod, & NDS.  There have been occasions where I bring only x number of outfits for x number of days, but I’ll end up getting a food stain on my shirt that necessitated a outfit change.  Murphy’s Law!  At least in NY…if I need new clothes I can buy more?

NYC carry-on

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Japanese Velcro Strip for Bangs

A gift from Hong Kong.

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Happy Lunar New Year!


BCBG Dress sz XS ♦ Halogen Cardigan sz XS ♦ Dior Pumps sz 6.5

Happy Year of the Dragon to all of those who are celebrating!  May this year bring lots of luck and prosperity (more money for shopping) for all!


DIY Faux Fur Scarf

Since the beginning of the winter season, I’ve been looking for a faux fur scarf since the beginning of the winter season, but no luck.  Most were too expensive.  My solution was removing the fur trim off another jacket and converting it to a scarf, voila!  Well its nothing ground-breaking, but it works!

Costa Blanca Fur Scarf Swarovski BroochFur trim from Costa Blanca jacket ♦ Swarovski Brooch read more »


(Some) Advantages of Being 5’4″ and Under

Indeed there are some!!  Though most of my blog posts, and as well as other petite bloggers may constantly rant about disadvantages of being 5’4″ under, since starting this blog my taller friends have also shared their struggles of being taller.

Example #1:  Games

schulympicsPhoto courtesy of Arpit Namdeo

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Fave Items from my Closet in 2011

During Fall 2011, my gray H&M pencil skirt was definitely one of my most worn items during the school week.

H&M pencil skirt, Zara Coat

H&M pencil skirt, LOFT Tee

Amrita Singh Marion Earrings in Lapis

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Happy 2012! Resolutions and Holiday Outfits

A new year and a new beginning!!  Fun stuff first, here are some photos from holiday parties I attended.

On New Year’s Eve Eve:

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