Playing at a Theatre Near You! The Wedding!

One of my girlfriends had a classic Hollywood-inspired wedding at Capitol Theatre in Toronto.  Now you know why I went to a flapper-themed bachelorette party!


Outside the theatre and in the lobby, they also printed off many different movie posters for the movie, which was their wedding, called “The Wedding”.  Definitely beats those corny engagement photo shoots!


Dress:  Graham and Spencer, sz 0
Shoes:  Jimmy Choo, sz 6.5

I love how they have a poster on the bus shelter! A lot of people walking by were stopping to check out the posters and take photos too.  The inside of the theatre is small, but really nice and intimate.



Below is the bride’s DIY hair piece. Since her wedding dress was champagne coloured, she dyed the feathers by soaking it into hot tea and she used leftover lace (after the alterations to make the dress shorter) for the center of the hairpiece…genius! I wish I had that sort of creativity!  And their wedding was planned in 2 months!


This was also the first time I attended the pre-wedding celebration, including the Chinese Hair Combing Ceremony.  I heard from some people that the Hair Combing Ceremony is only done by people in Hong Kong, does anyone else know?


Has anyone else gone to themed weddings before?

  • Anonymous

    OMG that is sooo cool!  I love the bus shelter poster!!!  Never even heard of a Hair combing ceremony! One of my co-workers is getting married in Hong Kong so I’ll ask her when she’s back!

    • Anonymous

      If she’s getting married in HK, I definitely think she’ll do all those traditional ceremonies! Any Indonesian ones?

      • Anonymous

        Actually no :P  Being kind of “out casted” as Catholic Indonesians (most Indonesians are Muslim) no real traditions other than the guests wearing Indonesian outfits.